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WELCOME spirited Rebels, we are not defined by rules, we are unruly, boundless and bold.  Conscious of our environmental responsibility and designing for the smallest of batches.  On a Pilgrimage to the Ancient spirits of the loom we celebrate the generations who share their vintage treasures.  Expect the unexpected, layer after layer after layer of colour explodes and patterns weave themselves into our souls.  We dare to face and embrace our wildest imaginations.

We are the Untamed.

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Designed by us in the UK our vivid lampshades and textiles are ready to fill your space with colour and personality.  Embracing the ancient artisan techniques of block printing and ikat  weaving our original designs are crafted into creative and quality pieces for your home.

Our vision is to make eco friendly choices as much as possible, for us this means - artisan/small scale  production,  handmade , more U.K based production, sourcing vintage over new, promoting eco friendly interior design and using FSC, recycled & recyclable packaging.  We are conscious of looking after the earth and as a small business  do our best to make as little negative impact as possible. 

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Dare to reimagine your spaces, decorate direct from your imagination, to redefine true beauty. We have curated three bountiful collections that throw the rule books out and bring wild, curious, indefinable and challenging thought in.  Curated clusters of our artisan crafted textiles complimented by plant- based wall colours and vintage homewares, the collections Dawn . Day . Dusk are interior concepts created with the aspiration of emboldening you and your spaces. 


We would like to introduce two friends of That Rebel House who’s inspirational businesses, products and ethos have helped us imagine the Dawn . Day . Dusk collections.

Edward Bulmer Portrait_Telegraph_Andrew Crowley 3.jpg

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint are pioneers in developing natural paints suitable for 21st century living that do not cost the earth. The paints are plant-based, easy to apply, dry quickly, breathable, durable and are available in both interior wall emulsion and woodwork and metalwork finishes. 

The natural paints are designed, created and ‘homemade’ for you by the interiors expert, Edward Bulmer.  Like a top chef, Edward is passionate about every colour he produces, how it has been made and the raw materials used to make it.  It not only matters that the paint colour will look beautiful in your home, for Edward, the paint must not cost the earth.

When you decide to buy Edward Bulmer Natural Paint you are getting more than a beautiful colour and quality finish, you are getting passion and knowledge from one of the UK’s leading interior designers.


A selection of Amy’s edgy vintage finds appear on our collection pages to help you shop the complete look.

Amy loves being able to help people give gorgeous old pieces of furniture or vintage homewares a new lease of life. She shares our untamed style and is on a mission to spark serious joy in your space.



As a guide to our riotous mood our Dawn.Day.Dusk collections invite you to visualise colours that one day were enemies but now reflect and compliment. Patterns against patterns that calm and embrace. 

So have a good nose around, shop by collection or shop by product. There are no rules, 

Happy Rebel decorating.

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