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Sustainable interior design, your way.

Looking after our planet is a conscious choice. By helping you make more sustainable interior design choices, we can all do our bit to minimise the negative impact our mass-produced ‘throw-away’ culture has on the environment and protect the world for future generations. 

Helping you invest in sustainable interiors

There are many ways to bring sustainable interior design into your home. Like choosing a high-quality plastic-free vintage rug rather than buying new. Opting for bespoke lighting that bucks the trend of mass production. Or, choosing flexible items like throws, that can be used in multiple ways in different spaces both in and outside the house - ideal for green interior design. 

That Rebel House bold maximalist home decor interior design

My statement pieces help you create a layered, mismatched maximalist style that’s versatile - and eco-friendly. You can easily switch things up from time to time, changing the look and feel of your interior spaces without wasting anything you’ve already bought.

Switching up your style.

Take Suzanis, for example. They make great sofa or bed covers but look equally stylish as a wall hanging. And my soft-furnishing are all reversible so it’s super easy to create new looks and extend their lifespan.

My investment pieces, like the vintage rugs, have already lived one life, so you know they'll stand the test of time, however you use them. And they’re the perfect heirloom to pass down through your family; the ultimate in sustainable interior design. 


Protecting traditional crafts.

Championing sustainability in interior design isn’t just about reusing and recycling. 


I’m supporting products made here in the UK, using artisan/small scale producers to create my made-to-order silk gathered Ikat lampshades and soft furnishings. 

That Rebel House UK made Lampshades fund native tree planting in the UK

Great News!
We are planting a Rebel Forest.

Every time a UK made lampshade is sold or commisioned  we will be planting a tree in a companies forest in the UK.  We are also becoming a Climate Friendly Workforce by funding 5 trees around the world every month, separate from our UK  trees planted with sales, resulting in 4.5 tonnes CO2e avoided/year (~1/2x footprint*).

That Rebel House Plants Trees With Ecologi

Shop your style.

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