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Joy. Freedom. Self-expression.  Creating a home like no other.

You’re a one-off. A beautiful blend of the weird and wonderful, connected by the patterns of life, cultures, traditions and a desire to feel joy in your everyday life. It makes sense that your home reflects this.


Hello, I’m Sarah, founder of That Rebel House and always unintentionally doing things differently.

I created That Rebel House as a safe space for you to feel free to bend or even break the rules when designing and decorating your home. With our vibrant homewares and regular stock drops, you can express and celebrate your unique character and maximalist style without anyone telling you what looks right. 


We see you

We see you, artisans of the world. We see you planetary crisis, we see you cultural colour, and we see you unique interior lovers.


Caring for our planet is a conscious choice. Sustainability sits at the heart of my business, so I can do my bit to reduce the negative impact mass production and throw-away interior trends have on the environment and help you make better choices of where to spend your money. 


Take our UK-made Ikat lampshades, for example. In partnership with Ecologi®, we plant a tree in a UK forest for every lampshade we sell. Not only are you buying a unique and beautiful piece to bring colour into your home, but you're also helping the environment. 

Find out how we can all be


This is who I am

I thrive on the thrill of the chase, hunting down extraordinary finds and curating them in my collections so you can easily access them. 

Colour, culture and nature inspire me. A nod to childhood memories, exploring my grandparent's house full of cultural crafts and art gathered throughout their life in Africa and the Middle East.

I bring a heap of experience from my previous creative career as a florist and interior shop owner and a decade spent designing products for large retailers. And delight in the fact that I’ve returned to my first love; textiles. 


I adore a home with a warm welcome and a comforting feel of nostalgia and surround myself with objects of interest; there’s no chance of minimalism in my life!


Rebel Reviews

"I’d been looking for another vintage rug for a while and came across Sarah and That Rebel House on Instagram. Fell in love with the piece immediately and Sarah was so helpful throughout the whole buying process. The quality of each piece is brilliant and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other people"

Janine - Google Reviews

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“I want everyone to feel free to express themselves in their home in a way that celebrates who you are and how you see the world. My mission is to help you feel proud of your unique, bold and colourful interior, emboldening you on your journey to create a home like no other. ” Sarah Davenport, founder

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Our Partners

I collaborate with like-minded rebel souls who complement what I do, so you can make easier choices when designing and decorating your home.


Edward Bulmer Natural Paint are pioneers in developing natural, plant-based paints suitable for 21st century living that don’t cost the earth. They’re easy to apply, dry quickly and are breathable and durable, great when you’ve got lots going in in your house. 


The paint is designed, created and ‘homemade’ for you by interiors expert, Edward Bulmer. Like a top chef, Edward is passionate about every paint colour he produces, how it’s made and the raw materials that go into it, resulting in an end product that’s not only beautiful but affordable too.


Rock the Heirloom is the brainchild of Amy Eld. Amy loves helping people give gorgeous old pieces of furniture or vintage homewares a new lease of life. She shares my untamed style and mission to help you spark serious joy in your home. 


A selection of Amy’s edgy vintage finds appear on our Collection pages to help you shop the completed look. 


NEW IN Lola's Leads, designer extension cabels.

We’ve partnered with Lola’s Leads to bring you a curated collection of eye catching fabric covered extension leads that perfectly match the That Rebel House aesthetic.  Celebrated in the Sunday Times, Homes and Gardens and Stylist Magazine.

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