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Together Coral Vintage Kilim Rug
Manor Vintage Kilim Rug

One-Of-A-Kind Colourful Kilim Rugs

Originally used by Asiatic nomads in their tents to keep out the cold, Kilim rugs date back several thousand years and are now a popular way to bring colour, warmth and culture in to your home. Snap up a piece of history and heritage with one of our unique Kilim hand woven rugs

Our collections are filled with of  one-of-a-kind pieces, we have regular stock drops with new colour and pattern filled pieces. To be sure you don't miss out on your dream piece subscribe to our newsletter.

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Kilim Rugs

At That Rebel House, we have curated an exquisite collection of Kilim Rugs full of colour and character. Each rug is meticulously crafted, ensuring unparalleled quality and enduring strength. With their vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and history dating back to the former Persian Empire, these rugs will transform your space.


Rebel Reviews

"I’d been looking for another vintage rug for a while and came across Sarah and That Rebel House on Instagram. Fell in love with the piece immediately and Sarah was so helpful throughout the whole buying process. The quality of each piece is brilliant and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other people"

Janine - Google Reviews

Read our tips for decorating with Kilim Rugs

  • What is the life expectancy of a rug?
    Hand crafted natural rugs will last a lifetime and more, they are traditionally made to hand down through generations.
  • What type of rugs last the longest?
    Natural rugs, like our collection of 100% wool and cotton vintage rugs, last a lifetime and more. The highly resilient natural material has been hand knotted or hand woven resulting in a very durable intricate design.
  • What to look for when buying vintage rug?
    We always check that our vintage rugs don't smell! Some vintage rugs, especially very low priced ones picked up at car boots or antique fairs can have a very strong unpleasant smell that is hard to get rid of!
  • What is the difference between antique and vintage rugs?
    The majority of experts have agreed that items over 50 years old but less than 100 years old can be called vintage or collectable, but not antique.

Check out our Flatweave Rugs.

Perfect for high traffic areas, under furniture and in doorways. A piece of unique art capturing the history and story of its maker that takes on a new life as a feature in your home, as a floor covering, breathing new life into a sofa or bed or being hung on the wall for everyone to enjoy 

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