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The collections Dawn,  Day, and Dusk are interior concepts created with the aspiration of emboldening you and your spaces.

That Rebel House Collections

That rebel house dawn collection blue orange red interior bold maxilmalist

Full Of Hope

The Dawn collection encapsulates strong & confident patterns and colours to create a positive space full of texture and life.  A self assured start to the day.


Pick-Me-Up Energy

The mood lifting Day collection. Greens, yellows and pinks look creative and warming; set off against Azurite blue walls you are surrounded by colourful joy and cheer.

That rebel house dusk collection blue pink orange red interior bold maxilmalist

Enchanted Spirits

This dramatic and captivating Dusk collection punches into the night with fearless pops of neon pink and orange capturing the spirit of mystical animals in the early evening light.


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