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Revive Your Space with Authentic Vintage Kilim Rugs: That Rebel House's Unique Collection

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The Kilim rug originated hundreds of years ago in ancient Persia, but the flat weave tapestry is now popular in every corner of the world. However, there is a significant difference in craftsmanship and material quality between the vintage handwoven Kilim rugs in That Rebel House's collection and most of what you will find online these days. Stay with us as we introduce you to the beauty of Kilim rugs and some of That Rebel House’s vintage collection.

Vintage Kilim Rugs

Cotton Kilim Rugs

Cotton is one of the two main materials used in the manufacturing of Kilim rugs today, with the other being wool. Handmade cotton rugs can be very luxurious and beautiful, depending on the weaver’s skill level. Some of the main advantages that cotton made Kilim rugs have over their woolly counterparts are as follows:

  • Cotton is softer because the fibres are smoother and less coarse

  • The tribes can achieve much brighter, nearly neon colours (in comparison to wool) when dying their organic cotton

  • Cotton rugs are a friendly option for anyone with a wool allergy

That Rebel House has an amazing collection of vintage cotton kilim rugs, namely:

  • The Jennie Vintage Kilim

  • The Wednesday Vintage Kilim

  • The Coral Vintage Kilim

  • The Novel Vintage Kilim

  • The Harsin Vintage Kilim

  • The Dawn Vintage Kilim

  • The Twilight Vintage Kilim

Woollen Kilim Rugs

Despite the advantages that cotton rugs have over woollen rugs, kilim rugs made from wool is the more premium and luxurious option between the two. That’s not without reason either, because woollen Kilims have some major advantages over their cotton counterparts as well. For example:

  • The bouncy, soft feel and comfort of woollen kilims are significantly superior compared to cotton kilims

  • Wool is a far better insulator and thermoregulator than cotton - in both hot and cold weather

  • Kilims made from high-quality wool will last significantly longer than cotton kilims

Some of That Rebel House’s best vintage Kilim rugs that showcase all of the above qualities mentioned above and more are as follows:

  • The Rio Vintage Kilim

  • The Tree of Life Vintage Kilim

  • The Spirited Garden Vintage Kilim

  • The Pop Vintage Kilim

  • The Timeless Vintage Kilim

  • The Bakhtiari Waves Vintage Kilim

Should You Go for Cotton or Wool Kilims?

While choosing between cotton and wool, you need to consider a few factors that are specific to your indoor conditions and each material’s pros and cons discussed already. Cotton kilim rugs are generally softer and cheaper than woollen kilims, but woollen kilims are stain-resistant, last longer, and better at regulating heat and cold.

Contact That Rebel House for more information on Kilim rugs, so you can discuss your requirements, budget, and preferences. Our in-house experts should be able to help you find the vintage kilim rugs you need.

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