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5 Tips for Stylish Outdoor Living

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Summer has arrived!

If you are anything like us being outside is THE place to be and the space to focus on. Eating, coffee or cocktails with friends, kids running around. It just is healthier and feels like a better way to live - we must make hay while we can and the sun keeps shining.

So this week we really can have breakfast outside every morning, and at the moment we really don't need to run around collecting the cushions every night and lets just BBQ everything.

Love Love Love it!

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to work with Kata Tipis and dress their big daddy tipi for a trade show. I mean this is living outside in absolute luxury and obviously few of us have an enormous tipi in the garden to enjoy, but here are some tips to take a few of our ideas and try them out in your own outdoor space.

So lets throw ourselves out there. Get the tunes on, light the BBQ, pizza oven or fire pit. Keep the bunting up. Get the salads ready, jugs of juicy concoctions and lets get into summer with some rebel style.

No.1 Shade.

Do make sure you have shade. There are so many options available in the UK right now that weren't just a few years ago so, whether its a structure like a pergola, or a sail, vintage Victorian parasol or a simple umbrella. Shade is an absolute must to protect against the sun and heat and enjoy your time outside for longer.

Why not get get creative with a beautiful Suzani or throw and create your own unique Suzani Sail in a shady corner. The shade you create defines your outside area, whether it covers your dining or your sitting area, it shapes the space you create and can enjoy.

No. 2 Comfort

You may well have bought your dining table outside or have a dining set already in place, but either way if the seating is not comfortable no-one will stick around long. Nothing worse than peeling yourself off the seats is there?

So plenty of cushions and soft furnishings. I mean cotton would make lots of sense but why not throw some velvet out there for a touch of decadence and pure luxury.

Vintage rugs, cushions, colourful interiors, tablecloths, napkins,
Bringing the indoors out.

For the lounging areas Kilim cushions are fantastic, they are such a hard working piece, strong and durable. They come in a variety of sizes, and more structured for leaning against and supporting backs.

As natural rebelists' we would always recommend mixing it up. There is really no need to get matching here outside.

No. 3: A Colourful Table

Tablecloths sometimes feels extravagant, but boy do they add so much colour and style in one go. So DO have a table cloth, a runner or something to say, my table matters to me.

Napkins, Cotton Napkins, Block Printed Cotton
Colourful Mix and Match Cotton Napkins

Fresh cotton napkins are so much more pleasant to use than paper ones and of course there is no waste nothing to bin, a quick wash and use again, and again and again.

No need to match the glasses, plates and bowls. I mean we're outside and its quite possible you have accidently invited the whole street so everything out the kitchen cupboards. The more colour and clash the more eclectic and effortless the vibe will feel.

No.4: Breakout Zones

Chuck your vintage rugs under a tree for a shady corner for young kids to play lego or the teenagers to lounge. More cushions obvs. Hammocks. Add mirrors and a face painting table - the kids are entertained while you enjoy a barmy summers evening.

And Finally No. 5: Lighting

Undoubtedly many of us have strings of bulb draped around the patio, the Christmas fairy light adorning trees and maybe the odd flare or two. But lets go totally wild and create a portable hanging pendant lampshade. Yes! Just stunning, practical, colourful and one hell of a talking point.

Your Welcome.

Make this summer - one to remember - for all the right reasons.

Cheers 🍹

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