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Why We Celebrate Colourful Interiors

Updated: Aug 5

We are back: Completely Untamed!

We may have been a little quiet but like anything worthwhile investing in, time evaluating and reflecting is absolutely necessary to rejuvenate our creative inner souls; to evolve; to experiment, and sow the seeds of unpretentious and realistic inspiration for you and your spaces. Come and join us as we unleash our design spirits and challenge ourselves on the next phase of our journey from colour therapists to untamed interior rebels.

Lightng, Soft Furnishings and Lighting, colourful interiors, ikat lampshades, fringed cushions, suzani @ That Rebel House
Lightng, Soft Furnishings and Lighting @ That Rebel House

Collections: Dawn Day and Dusk

Discover our new inspired clusters of our artisan crafted textiles complimented by plant-based wall colours from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint and vintage homewares. Visually curated for a superior shopping experience, our collections - Dawn - Day - Dusk are interior concepts created to embolden confidence in the use of colour within clear room designs; to visualise each product within a realistic and accessible space to be recreated and experimented within your own home.


Our vision is to make environmentally conscious choices as much as possible. For us this means supporting skilled artisans, small scale production, handmade pieces, more U.K based production, minimal transport, sourcing vintage over new, promoting eco-friendly interior design, using FSC, and re-used, recycled & recyclable packaging.

In the summer of 2022 we launch our bespoke up cycling service, recovering existing lampshades from a selection of our fabrics, and our lamp shade making courses to empower you to upcycle your own lampshades at home.

Vintage Treasures

Nothing is more satisfying than a conscious consumer discovering vintage pieces, celebrating them, showing them at their best and keeping them in circulation. We've been burrowing and acquiring an extensive collection of vintage lamp bases from art dealers and antique fairs across the country. An eclectic mix of pre-loved wood and metal bases, long and lean, dramatic statement bases and those unassuming bases to light up dark corners.

Vintage Lampbases @ That Rebel House
Vintage Lampbases @ That Rebel House

Our ever popular collection of small and large unusual Persian rugs has been replenished with even more magical and original handcrafted pieces. And we are delighted to introduce you to our collaboration with Rock The Heir Loom, a wonderous boutique store full of vintage antique collectables.

Untamed Talent

Uncovering clever artists such as Angela, who joins our design team has been a highlight. Highly skilled and talented, Angela - with a passion for textiles and the endless possibilities they hold; a Fine Arts degree and an eye for vintage second to none; is letting loose and releasing her inner rebel spirit for us all to enjoy.

sarah Davenport, ladylarkeloves, Isabel Howett, Angela Design Guru
The Rebel Team

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

And excitingly, for the first time ever we have collaborated with this fabulous paint brand to showcase the power of colour in our interior designs. Made from twelve natural pigments used over centuries, with no synthetic dyes, we have found Edward Bulmer Natural Paint offer an exquisite range of colours, a superb texture, tone and finish for your rooms. Lots more to come on this exciting collab.

R is for Rebel

We have been blown away by how popular That Rebel House style has become over the past couple of years. Partly this is due to the popularity in maximalist looks visible throughout any interior magazine; but we are authentic colour therapists through and through. We have grown from me making lampshades for my self and friends to this incredible growth into a viable small business as seen on TV, in magazines and of course through our social media channels. In that time maximalism has emerged as the hot trend in interior design, using full bold colours; strong patterns and shapes offset with quirky finds full of personality. Trends will come and go but we will never cease to inspire and embolden colourful design.

Our new rebel iconic R symbolises the threads that weave through our fabric designs, the textile nature of the fabrics, the angular shape reflecting the architecture and interiors. But lets not forget the rock n roll, the regeneration, the radiation of light, the reflections and celebrate all that is an untamed Rebel. So thank you for your patience with our slightly neglected old website and please have some fun exploring our re-energised version.

Thank you for all your support and look forward to speaking soon xx


Rebel Leader

@That Rebel House

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