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How to delight in a spot of Bridgerton opulence at home.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Dabble in the decadence of layers of soft furnishings, vintage finds and luxurious fabrics.

You don't have to be a period drama queen to appreciate the opulence and grandeur of the Regency period of interior design. Full, yes full, of luxurious fabrics, sumptuous lighting, soft furnishings and statement pieces to adorn your entertaining space. The visual delight of the glorious world of Netflix's Bridgeton, set at The Rangers House, the English Heritage Georgian villa backing onto Greenwich Park, is pure and utter joy and yes we want more and more of it.

Silk Ikat Lampshades, Artwork, Suzani, Velvet cushions, Kilim cushions, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint
Regency pinks and green offset with powder blue @ That Rebel House

Do not fear a little dabble into an extravagant and decadent space in your home. As Lady Whistledown will tell you, Everyone is doing it! And why not, our home should reflect every part of us, including those lusting desires for a little bit of grandeur and over the top decadence. Squeezing ourselves into extortionate corsets or adorning Queen Charlotte's head piece may be a little extreme, but, dressing our rooms with fabulous gathered fabrics, silk pleated lampshades and sumptuous velvet cushions, well... try and stop us!

Lust after Regency greens, pinks and blue bedroom dressing.

What could present the essence of a Regency period setting than a rich olive green of which, halleluiah, happens to be a very popular colour for our homes in 2022 so we are already one step on our way to creating our opulent space.

As an example here, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint in Drab Green adorns the exposed brick walls. Olive green cotton block printed lampshades sit on modern wall arms that frame our sultry bedroom space. The green, blue and pink bedding of galloping wild horses are off set with a brave bold striped Kilim cushions, a throw back to rich treasures bought home from Georgian adventures. The whole look is enriched with the stunning orange and green Suzani, a true throw back to the Regency era but styling is absolutely genius, neatly pleated and hung in the recess of the brickwork. Welcome Miss Sharma.

An invitation to the Fetherington table and a lesson in table dressing.

Where the flirting eyes, snippets of gossip, and romantic tension fill the air. The dining table!! the dressing of which can be a true Bridgerton indulgence.

Table Dressing, Cotton Table Cloth, Wild Earth Tablecloth, Napkins,
Table Dressing @ That Rebel House

Just layer, and layer, and layer again. Start with the largest table you can possibly fit in the room. We're covering it all so it really doesn't matter whats underneath, we've known true expert entertainers unscrew a door. Be creative.

Bridgeton, Tableware, Wild Earth Tableware, Table Dressing. Organic Cotton, Napkins,
Wild Earth Tableware @ That Rebel House

Lay a beautiful rich crisp cotton tablecloth the length of the table. Add a contrasting placemat, here we have gone for rattan, a nod to the traditional regency cane furniture; pretty traditional plates, if they don't match the table will feel more unctuous and less uniform which is exactly what we need for our Fetherington table. More pretty little bowls, accessorise your salt and pepper, lots of small vases flowers cut high or low, and the final flourish of napkins generously presented to add depth and extravagance. None of this paper napkin business, now that would not be very Lady Danbury, and importantly not very sustainable. One must always use cotton napkins in a fabulous napkin ring. Now napkin rings can be handmade for that extra touch but here we have used brightly coloured ceramic napkin rings to complete our Featherington Table.

Anyone for a little outdoor dining and garden gossip?

Of course with the longer nights and this extended spell of dry weather we can indulge our Bridgerton revelry with our tea and cake in the garden, and, with so many delicate scenes of misinformation delivered behind the extravagant topiary, our lavish tablecloths and napkins, sumptuous cushions and seating, make for the perfect spot for idle gossip or even a knowing look.

Vintage Indulgence.

Well if ever you needed an excuse to put your vintage pieces front and centre this is it. Do not be shy because these lamp bases have been crying out for centuries to be dusted down to take up their inherited role.

Add beautiful silk pleated ikat lampshades in greens, pinks and blues honouring the Regency colour chart. Layer Suzani throws over sofas, add velvet cushions with tassels and fringes and absolutely mix your fabrics. The effect seems effortless, charming and completely inviting.

Well my friends what fun we have had, what will the next notorious event of the season bring us.... please do tell



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