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Maximalist Magic: Transforming Spaces with Colourful and Eclectic Interiors

Maximalism is currently one of the most popular interior design styles. Going against the trend for minimalist, all-white spaces, maximalism embraces bold colours, striking patterns and lavish textures to create a visual feast for the senses. Rooms are filled with an abundance of eye-catching pieces like vibrant artworks, ornamental accessories, and opulent soft furnishings. Far from looking overly busy, maximalist interiors have a controlled chaos with each element working together to produce dramatic, envelope-pushing spaces.

Transforming Spaces with Colourful and Eclectic Interiors

The Beauty of Colour

While all-white schemes may still dominate some magazines, colour is making an assertive comeback in the world of interiors. Maximalist decor fully embraces rich, saturated shades across the spectrum to create deeply layered, visually exciting palettes. Combining complementary colours like emerald green with terracotta orange or fuchsia pink with golden yellow allows different hues to intensify each other. You can also create harmonious schemes by selecting tonal shades of one colour from pastel to deepest navy. Be adventurous with colour to transform the mood of a room.

Layering Textures

An integral part of achieving maximalist interiors is layering lavish textures throughout a space. Think velvet cushions on a corduroy sofa, a hand woven rug on a polished concrete floor, rattan lampshades over wooden side tables. Mix matt and shiny finishes such as brass accents against painted walls or glass vases on wooly blankets. Contrast sleek surfaces like leather or metal against natural fibres like linen, cotton and woven textures. Discover how our wide range of rugs, quilts and lampshades allow you to introduce sumptuous layers of texture. Check out our home page for inspiration.

More Is More

While some experts suggest keeping things simple in home decor, maximalism happily says that more is better. Decorate your home with lots of decorative items, like collections of glass bottles, framed artwork, stacked books, and hanging houseplants. Use patterns like animal prints, ikat and botanical on things like cushions and quilts to make your space really stand out. Maximalism believes that more is beautiful, so go all out when decorating your windows, mantelpieces, sideboards, and shelves.

Transforming Spaces with Colourful and Eclectic Interiors

Global Influences 

Seeking worldwide inspirations is an excellent way to achieve richly decorated maximalist interiors. Draw from the saturated spice colours of India, traditional Chinoiserie motifs, Turkish mosaic tiles or the ornamentation of European Baroque and Rococo for lavish embellishments. Pair vintage handicrafts like Persian kilim rugs with modern pieces or tribal African baskets against ultra-contemporary surfaces. Weave global styles together to form an eclectic interior that tells a story of your own transcontinental inspirations.

Personal Touches

While following maximalist decor inspiration online can help guide your scheme, remember that, above all, this look should reflect your personality. Display cherished collections accumulated through your lifetime, fill cabinets with beloved antique wares found across your travels, exhibit art that intrigues you and capture memories in picture collages on your walls. Even the boldest decorator pieces like an ornate mirror or ceramic vase will have more impact if they hold sentimental value to you. Maximalism allows you to gloriously embrace what makes you uniquely you.

Achieving maximalist interiors is about so much more than just selecting the trendiest pieces. At its heart, this bold, colourful look is about surrounding yourself with an abundance of meaningful, visually delightful possessions displayed together to showcase your distinctive personality. So, be daring, think luxuriously layered and don’t forget to check out our shop for maximalist inspiration to dramatically transform your home.

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