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The Art of Maximalist Design: Exploring the Beauty of Colourful Interiors

Maximalism is making quite the comeback in interior design. This bold, eclectic style is all about expressing your personality through vibrant colours, varied textures, and an abundance of accessories and decorative pieces. After years of pared-back, neutral interiors dominating, people are ready to have some fun and surround themselves with uplifting, characterful spaces. 

Maximalist Design

More is More

The maximalist aesthetic is centred around the mantra “more is more” - so expect to see strong colours, intricate patterns like animal print and floral, and a playful clash of materials from velvet to rattan to metallic. Rooms are layered with artworks covering the walls, shelving filled to the brim with cherished collectables, and multiple textures like vintage kilim rugs underfoot – check our home page for some examples of colourful rugs and lamps. Instead of everything neatly matching, the joy of maximalism comes from embracing contrast and celebrating the things you love in one visually exciting space.

No More Neutrals!

When it comes to colour, maximalist interiors give you full permission to throw the neutral colour palette out the window. Express your bold, creative side with coral walls or emerald green cabinetry in the kitchen. Use colour to zone spaces or highlight architectural details, like painting built-in bookshelves in a rich blue tone. You can still anchor the look with neutral furniture, allowing colourful art, cushions and other accessories to pop against a calmer backdrop.

Colourful Lighting

Lighting Design

Lighting is also integral for setting the mood. Make the most of different bulbs, lamp shapes and directions of light to showcase treasured pieces and create pockets of brightness against darker tones. Maximalist lighting often combines modern statement pendants or chandeliers over dining tables with ambient table lamps and eye-catching floor lamps. Incorporate mood lighting with UK made colourful gathered lampshades.

Pick Something to Build Your Theme Around

When designing a maximalist scheme, start by picking a colour palette and collector’s item you love to theme the space around, like original art by local artists or your quirky ceramic collection. Bold prints and worldly patterns also work beautifully, taking inspiration from places you’ve travelled to or cultures you admire. Layer the look slowly, finding unusual second-hand pieces that capture your imagination. Most importantly, fill your home with things that speak to you - maximalism is all about surrounding yourself with the visual stimulation that makes you happy!

Carefully Curate Your Space

The array of textures and colours mean maximalist decor walks a fine line between elegantly curated and over the top. To avoid veering too far into “cluttered” territory, pay attention to balance. Anchor busy prints with solid blocks of colour, and space out statement pieces between calmer zones. Be intentional about each object’s placement, grouping items in artful vignettes while allowing breathing room between. Most of all, edit ruthlessly - if you bring something new in, something else should leave.

Maximalism allows you to take risks and decorate with spirit and verve. While it isn’t to everyone’s taste, welcoming colour and character into your home creates spaces brimming with joy and self-expression.

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