Suzanis - an ancient love story.

A work of art.

Spirited, colourful, textured and unapologetically joyful.

Suzani, That Rebel House
Stunning 18th Century Suzani Works of Art

There is no doubt you have seen an exquisite embroidered Suzani thrown casually over a Victorian chaise longue or up cycling a battered old armchair; hanging on a wall and draped across a bed. They are colourful and joyful and a truly spectacular piece of interior design that elevates a space.

Christie’s Islamic Art specialist Xavier Fournier explains "A suzani is a large, hand-embroidered textile panel; the word comes from the Persian word suzan, which means needle. Originating from nomadic tribes in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, suzanis have become highly collectable and valued for their beautiful decoration and fine craftsmanship."

Suzani, Aari Suzani, That Rebel House
A c1870 suzani, $24,500, from Nazmiyal Collection

A fertile beginning.

The love story begins in the ancient villages where the Suzanis were woven by the women of the villages as dowry pieces. Each woman in the family would be given a strip to embroider – usually in silk, onto a cotton foundation – then the panels would be joined together. Decorated with flowers and fruit, the symbols of fertility, the finished pieces were originally used in tents as decorative dividers and floor spreads.

That Rebel House, Suzani, Throws, Embroidered
Large Embroidered Aari Suzani @ That Rebel House

Interior designers best friend.

The love story continues today, where Suzanis are now a seriously hot design trend. Championed by the likes of Susan Deliss and Swedish Interior Designer Beata Heuman, the ancient mystery that is entwinned in each embroidered individual piece are collectors items and many go for thousands of pounds at auction. These works of art, born from a creative vision by talented and skilled crafts women, creating something as simple and beautiful today as it was two hundred years ago.

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