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Bamboo Table Lamp Bases The Perfect Base for Statement Lampshades.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Bamboo Table Lamp Bases: Handmade In The UK By Tom Scott

Since the fifties Tiki decor, Bamboo is a stable, sustainable choice for our interiors. But the simple simplicity of Bamboo as David Bergman, a New York architect specialising in sustainable design projects ingeniously describes, "Bamboo’s popularity has been helped by this disguising effect; meaning design that’s ecologically sound but doesn’t show off that fact — avoiding the granola look,” as he has put it. We like that idea. Sustainable materials in harmony with sympathetic design. For a while now we have been exploring how we might find our own sympathetic design for our own collection of lamp bases.

Let's introduce you to Tom Scott, a national treasure in the world of antiques with a serious eye for design built on the foundations of C19th British and French antiques. Immersed in his Uppingham Studio he has emerged with an stunning collection of table lamp bases exclusive to That Rebel House.

We have been great friends with Tom for many years, and know he implicitly understands That Rebel House and the Rebel rule book.

Tom's Bamboo Lighting Solution

Tom immediately turned to bamboo for his material of choice. Bamboo is strong. which is why people for centuries from across the world have been using bamboo to build their homes to protect their families. It has a peculiar flexibility as a material that it can serve as the key ingredient of a hard floor or a soft bed sheet, it really does sound like some industrial wonder stuff. Hardwood can take a hundred years to reach maturity, bamboo does not mess around, growing to its full height in one season, regenerating after harvesting for up to fifty years. As Tom affirms, "It's long established reputation as a sustainable design material is richly deserved."

Bamboo architecture
Bamboo Architecture Creating Simple Functional Design

Bamboo does need some nurturing to bring out her best qualities, lovingly sanded by hand at least twice before being stained, at least three times, and sanded again between each stain to prevent the grain from "fluffing". Two coats of varnish to bring out her true beauty. As with anything simple striping it back to its bare beauty is often a painstaking process.

The Result: Exclusive Designer Bamboo Lamp Bases

Aesthetically Pleasing And Stunning In Their Simplicity

All Shapes and Sizes Catered For

This collection is completely driven by the shape, width, length and form of each hand selected piece of bamboo. The tone of each piece is completely individual with a personality of its own. Fat, thin, elegant or gnarly. Everyone is welcome.

Nature's Own Recipe

With this simplicity of form front and centre, Tom has designed our stunning collection of table lamp bases, that stand strong in form, the ideal root to ground our vibrant slightly off-kilter lampshades, allowing them to own the space.

Direct The Style

The structured strength of these table lampshades lies in their complete simply form. Their natural colourings draw the eye, there is uniformity but it is of natures making.

Add the colour - courtesy of our wonderful paint partners Edward Bulmer Natural Paint and another level of design is immediately achieved. Just add a filament light bulb for an awesome warehouse paired back design.

Release The Design

Adding texture, pattern, more colour, stone, generous greenery and you can see the root of the design in the bamboo lamp base grounding our celebration of pattern and colour, and all things Artisan. Here we have a Vintage Suzani from the 1950;s hanging to create a background founded on a uniform pattern from the centre, add simple designed fabrics block printed in vibrant colours made into delightful 30cm Empire Lampshades. Following a simple rule of executing a strong centre piece and building around it with tones and textures that are always interchangeable and independent in their own right.

That Rebel House, Bamboo Lamp base, Dotty Lampshade, Silk Ikat Lampshade
Dotty Lampshade sitting pretty on a firm girth! Isn't it just fabulous.

The super human ivory holding the ebony, this heavenly combination with the really fat, sturdy, unctuous lamp base. Pulled together with the black base and of course we cannot ignore the contradiction against the rich Edward Bulmer Trumpington Natural Paint.

Context And Contrast

Can there be a dominate personality in the room?

Absolutely, how do you know there is a dominant personality in the room without context and contrast. The turmeric yellow lamp shade against the Trumpington yellow wall would bleed into each other left alone, however, the contrast of the Ruby and the Ebony relieves the dominant yellow, now we have a statement of intent rather than a trying matching scheme of yellows.

We hope you are as thrilled as we are with Tom Scott's Bamboo Lamp Base Collection exclusive to That Rebel House,.


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