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How to find your perfect lampshade shape.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The Essence of Light

The very essence of turning a lamp on, lighting a candle or a fire; brings a warm glow of satisfaction; to be able to see more clearly your surroundings; to feel safe, a basic human need. Lighting matters to us. On a recent visit to Stockholm every table to sit at or window you pass has a candle or small light, its significant, its welcoming, a way of communicating a place of warmth and comfort and safety.

Octavia Gold ZigZag Ikat Silk Tapered Drum Lampshade
Octavia Gold ZigZag Ikat Silk Tapered Drum Lampshade

In our world; That Rebel House world; the world of lampshades; they bring colour and pattern into the smallest corners. A little piece of art, we name all our lampshades to give them an identity, a story, a place in our homes, a gift from us to you. So when you buy a lampshade, you buy the story, the warmth, as a tree grows and watches the world pass by, so the lampshade lights up the room and watches as life unfolds and the story is told.

So it is no bad thing to understand a little more about the shapes and sizes and styles of lampshade. Think of how many spaces crave light; the sitting room, the hallway, bedrooms, offices, playrooms, the kitchen and even sometimes the bathroom. Whether you want a fun talking point, an effective reading light, a statement design piece or a just a simple bedside light, it's good to know your drum from your empire.

The Tapered Drum Lampshade

Without doubt our most popular shape is the tapered drum lampshade. The shape being slightly softer than the modern drum lampshade, cylindrical in shape, typically with a wide rim and straight sides with equal amount of light from the top and bottom, the tapered drum has a smaller circumference at the top and wider at the bottom to gently encourage more light to flow from the bottom. Our tapered drum lampshades are covered in either a gather block printed cotton or a pleated silk ikat pattern. This gives each shade its individual personality as no pleat is the same, adds a luxurious element by using silk ikat fabric and makes for an adaptable lampshade for vintage or more modern lamp bases.

45cm Zenith Blue Ikat Silk Tapered Drum Lampshade
45cm Zenith Blue Ikat Silk Tapered Drum Lampshade

Duplex Lampshade Fitting
Duplex Lampshade Fittings

The Tapered drum can be adapted as a table lampshade or pendant feature. This larger 45cm silk ikat tapered drum is fitted with a Duplex frame that allows you to hang the shade as a pendent or fit on a table lamp base.

Tapered drum lampshades are available in 20,30and 35cm. A selection of 40 and 45cm sizes are fitted with the Duplex fitting.

Silk Ikat PLeated Lampsahde
Duplex Lampshade Fitting

The Empire Lampshade.

This is an elegant traditional lampshade, the shape of a cone with the top removed.

Empire lampshades have a narrow opening at the top, which then broaden out to twice the size at the bottom. The result being an extensive spread of light from the bottom of the lampshade. The empire lampshade shape is effective for table lamps where you want extra light for reading and to created layers of soft light throughout the room. Our empire shade shades again or covered in block printed gathered cotton fabrics, and silk pleated ikat patterns. The pleat is denser at the top of the empire shape and creates a lovely line to the bottom of the cone shape. Again, pleating fabric adds texture and luxury to an investment piece.

30cm Sunrise Ikat Silk Empire Lampshade
30cm Sunrise Ikat Silk Empire Lampshade

The Oval Lampshade.

These rather stunning shapes, they are long and lean and make an elegant contemporary alternative. Light is focused through the oval shape to pool at the base creating a warm atmosphere, and is a super versatile lampshade particularly for books shelves and mantle pieces or bedroom side tables. Mid century elegance guaranteed.

Freckle Green Block Printed Cotton Oval Lampshade
Freckle Green Block Printed Cotton Oval Lampshade

The Candle Clip

This little beauty generally measures about 15cm at its widest point and is perfect for chandeliers as in the image or for wall lights reminiscent of a candle. These shades are handmade in block printed cotton and then the wire clip sits on the light bulb.

Handmade candle clip lampshades, ikat lampshades, cotton lampshades.
Bespoke Handmade Candle Clip Shades

Finally you may come across square and rectangular lampshades, popular in the United States. We offer a made to measure service for such projects. The architectural design of the square lampshade certainly creates a dramatic statement.

Whatever shade you choose, light matters, it enhances our well being, it lifts our mood. No one ever regretting switching on a beautiful lampshade.

Enjoy x



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