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Full Colour Decor - Suzanis, Rugs & Lamphades.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Life just looks better in Full Colour...

Welcome to a new season at That Rebel House

Suzani's on tables, rugs on the sofa, gigantic bedroom lampshades. Indeed, we have been messing with our perspectives over the summer months, questioning our thought processes and just generally challenging the traditionally accepted rules of decor.

Maybe we went to a few too many festivals (is that actually possible....) either way we have been engaging our instinct to turn the obvious upside down and inside out. Spinning around what lies in front of us and re-imagining it, uncovering new ways to express ourselves.

Regenerating fresh approaches with our existing pieces opens up new pathways for you to discover the many layers of enjoyment from the one purchase; empowering you to re-invent your interiors without a whole new design.

We can employ our sustainable values into the heart of our family lives, bringing colour and pattern to all the corners of our worlds.

The rugs we carefully select for their quality, authenticity and unique personalities; the bright colourful suzani's we choose for the patterns that tell their story; the eclectic fabrics we design; they are all essentially curated to be re-imagined in your own homes with your own style amongst your treasures and your interiors.

How we style and photograph our collections is just the start of the journey.

That Rebel House, Vintage Rugs, Untamed Interiors
Rugs in Bathrooms: Aragon Vintage Kilim Rug Runner £450

Our gorgeous lampshades may have yet to find their perfect corner, maybe they never will..... but just maybe they will spend their lives hopping from one room to the next eeking out new horizons and lighting the way for lives to unfold in front of them.

A clash of the courageous here...

Or here for calm simplicity....

So this season, we are wrapping out extended arms around the three R's , to reimagine, to regenerate and and to reinvent. Harnessing the power of the three R's is our gift to you.

Suzani as a Table Cloth: Genius

That Rebel House, Suzani, Navy Blue Table Cloth, Disco Ball
Suzani beautifully creates an impactful table setting: XL Armada Suzani £175

A Rug as Runners: Total Game Changer!

Lampshades so big and bright : Go Big or Go Home Right?

Rugs on Walls?

Many of our rugs have such stunning repeat patterns and colours they knock wallpaper out the park: a statement of intent.


OOPs.. have we gone too far - maybe not, does it matter in the grand scheme of things, Untamed Interiors in action... this is exactly what reimagining is, soooo much pattern, no distinct colour way, heavy textures hanging out with soft silks and cottons. Throw the rule book in the air and see what page it lands on.... you can swap it around another day.

One heroine never misses the mark - her ladyship the Suzani behind the bed framing the space in all her glory.

Untamed Interiors in action - success!

The three R's to embolden you and your homes

Reimagine - Regenerate - Reinvent


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