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Lampshades - A turn on or a turn off?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

We are lampshade people.

We love lampshades. In particular, the act of turning on a lampshade starts the conversation with your home, the inviting warmth, creating an ambiance for relaxation and contentment. Sometimes turning a light on is for action, for writing or reading or cooking. So much of our home life revolves around lighting. Yet lighting is an investment and never more so than now. More than ever we need our lighting to function, be efficient and create a calming atmosphere. Light is an essential requirement of a fulfilling life, yet in this energy crisis the cost of lighting our homes has never come under such scrutiny and for some a luxury.

Challenging times for lampshade lovers.

A quick goggle search for top tips for saving energy and turning the lights off comes pretty high up the list every time. We're in the mist of the harshest re-education on energy use, which we must face up to if we are to address the climate crisis, the two go hand in hand. Every time we leave a room now, its lights out. Lower the thermostat, turn off standby, sort showers, full washes. We are getting better, but sadly, no more romantic atmospheric light in the hallway over night. Our beautiful lampshades are becoming a luxury and therefore we must treat them with the respect they deserve. If their time in the limelight is to be limited then lets make that time truly special. It certainly is a challenging time for lampshades lovers.

If we limit the light we will have the COLOUR.

Pink Lampshade, Cotton Lampshade, 30cm lampshade
Penelope Stripe Pendant Lampshade

Colour shines whether illuminated or not. A trend in 2023 will be bright colourful lampshades to illuminate dark corners. You read it here first. Our latest designs interpret neon light weight cotton in a variety of sizes to fit a range of your vintage lamp bases.

Lampshades that frame a space

Of course the impressive other job of any decent mutli-tasking lampshade and base is to frame a space. They create height, a focal point that draws the eye. So again lets go big and lets get colourful.

yellow lampshade, silk lampshade, pleated lampshade, zig zag pattern
Citrus Silk Pleated Lampshades frame this gorgeous alcove of treasures.

An investment well made.

Buy lampshades you love and you will always find a home for them. That is the beauty of investing in a beautiful piece and craftmanship. It will never date, it is made to last and as your style develops your lampshade selection will not let you down because you bought what you loved. Lets cherish what we love and share a lifetime together.

Have a wonderful day from your fellow lampshade lovers x


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