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Cotton & Ikat Pendant Lampshades

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Ceiling lights have had their time centre stage in recent years with an enormous growth in sputnik style, creative designs accessible at all levels of the market. Lighting Lovers aross the land, with small and large rooms have been able to enjoy funky light fittings in various materials with plenty of space for cool light bulb filaments.

The joy of a colourful pendant lampshade.

The humble pendant lampshade has been pushed to the back, so move over sputnik, we are delighted to bring her back in a blissful colour range of cotton block printed prints in two perfect sizes.

Block Printing Designs

We have much experience in block printing, and That Rebel House employs the best artisans and block printers of Sanganer to print our designs to be crafted into the most beautiful and vibrant gathered cotton lampshades.

The ancient block printing skills from hand carving the blocks to hand printing the cotton, have been passed down through many generations. Lucky you if you come across any signs of the handmade process, it will help you imagine the skill and care that has gone into your special block printed piece of art.

A Soft Interior

Cotton lampshades are wonderful at capturing a soft glow, the nature of how the cotton reflects light in such a calming and atmospheric manner that will bring immense pleasure.

Pendant Lampshade, Green Lampshade, Cotton Lampshade, Colourful Bedding, Horses Bedding, That Rebel House, @thatrebelhouse
Olive Green Stripe 40cm Pendant Lampshade
Green on Green

Here we have paired pour fabulous 40cm Olive strip pendant lampshades against the Edward Bulmer Natural Paint in Drab Green; and then, yes, we have added more green through our galloping Wild Horses bedding. Can one have too much green....

Pendant Lampshade, Green Lampshade, Cotton Lampshade, Colourful Bedding, Horses Bedding, That Rebel House, @thatrebelhouse
Sultry glow from the Olive Green @ £99
Small and Perfectly Formed

Our following images are our 30cm block printed pendant lampshades.

Ideal for a bedroom or even creating a cluster of lighting. They are utterly sweet, generous in their gift and light and add a terrific pop of colour and a unique playful spirit.

We have all had our heads turned by a shiny architectural light fitting extraordinaire, but just take a minute to admire the simplicity of a cotton lampshade in all its Rebel House glory.

xxxxx Have a great week love from That Rebel Gang xxxx


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