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Vintage Rugs For Every Room In The House.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Rugs: Not just for the Hallway.....

Rugs are wonderful, they elevate any room, they indicate thought has gone into this space. They are the foundations to your interior design.

Hopefully you have had a good look through our latest Vintage Rug Collection. Not many rugs we come across live up to That Rebel House requirements of strong colour, a memorable pattern and completely unique that catches our attention. Due to the very nature of hand weaving the heavy cotton; these are incredibly strong rugs, so you can put them in every room in the house, against many gorgeous designs. Just go for it and they will take what you throw at them.

Slow hand woven vintage rugs are so well made, they are extremely hard wearing without being resource heavy. Made with natural fibres they are so easy to clean, vacuum or wipe down. Choosing to buy a vintage piece is keeping beautiful products in circulation.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen: loves a rug. To frame the eating area, to protect the floor from oily foods, water splashes or kids spillages. Clean then with water and a drop of fairy liquid and your stains will disappear, anything stubborn is absorbed into the ornate pattern. This is why they are so clever, adaptable and worth every penny.

vintage rug, pink rug, kitchen rug, turkish rug, persian rug, handwoven rug
Kitchen Disco Anyone?

The Hallway.

The Hallway: is an obvious empty space with a high thoroughfare. So protect your flooring, and welcome you, your family and friends with a colourful inviting runner.

Kilim Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Vintage Rugs
HIgh Footfall Areas

The Lounge Area.

The Lounging Area: so this could be a room on its own where you hang out and watch tv, or it might be within the kitchen where you have knocked through and have an open plan space. Go big and the rug will, as if by magic, create invisible walls that indicate and communicate you have moved into a different space, that has a different purpose and a different feel to it. The rug is the foundation to the atmosphere you want to create, it can set the colours for the walls and accents, and even the size and style of the seating.

Kilim Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Vintage Rugs
Persian rug framing the lounge area

The Bedroom.

The Bedroom: Now many of us will enjoy a carpet in the bedroom but if you are very lucky with wonderful floor boards a rug is highly desirable by the sides of the bed. No stepping onto a cold hard wooden floor first thing, no thank you. Yes OK you may have some delightful slippers but rugs are also vital for lowering noise levels which is rather good for sleeping.

Kilim Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Vintage Rugs
Soft landing in a brightly coloured bedroom.

The Bathroom.

The Bathroom: This is the room where most people have a rug to step onto after bathing or showering. So this room has been educated in rugs, and it can take a colourful vintage rug and this will seriously elevate your bathroom to something really special and unique. Nothing oozes more style than investing in vintage in the bathroom.

Vintage Rugs, Bathroom rugs, Kilim Rugs. Green Rugs
Add gorgeous drama to your bathroom floor.

And for those days of the year its sunny and warm like today drag your rug out into the sun, see it visibly breath. Outdoor seating areas suddenly transported to an Atlas Mountain paradise. Obviously check for incoming rain clouds but hey, why not.

Kilim Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Vintage Rugs
Throw everything outside on a hot sunny day.

An investment piece, a piece of history, a family heirloom, you'll never regret it.

Have a browse of our latest finds.

Vintage Rug

Vintage Rug

Vintage Rug

Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rug, Kilim Rug, Rug

Vintage Rug, Kilim Rug, Rug

We will keep adding to the collection as we uncover the bestest, oldest, most colourful rugs we come across.

Have a gorgeous day

love That Rebel Crew



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