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New Stock. Vintage Rugs. One of a Kind. Hand Woven

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Oh my don't we just love a stunning vintage rug.

Hand-woven, Affordable, Sustainable, Colourful, Full of Pattern and completely Unique. Doesn't that just sum up That Rebel House. Whether you like a traditional runner in the hallway or use a rug to frame a living area or just like a rug to put your feet on in the bathroom; their form and function are boundless. The foundation of any interior design.

Just looking for the perfect rug is all part of the joy and then when you find THE one, well, life feels good. Vintage rugs are our most searched for item so we know you love them as much as we do.

The Kilim Tradition

Hand-woven Persian and Turkish Kilim Rugs have been prized for their ornate artistic value and quality of workmanship from the first time they were mentioned by ancient Greek writers. Woven by nomadic tribes, in village and town workshops, and by, the craft of hand weaving rugs, mostly by women, developed simultaneously and independently in areas and communities that had no apparent connection with each other. As such, each rug represents many traditions, and tells the storied history of the land and its peoples. These rugs began arriving in Europe in the 15th Century and such carpets woven in the Safavid court during the 16th century, for example, are renowned for their elaborate colors and artistic design, so precious they belong in museums and private collections. The worldwide love of these patterns and designs have established a creative tradition that has been kept alive throughout the Persian Empire.

Kilim Rug, Pink Rug, Colourful Rug, Turkish Rug, Persian Rug, Vintage Rug
Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

Made To Last.

The key here is to understand what goes into a hand woven rug to have confidence that these rugs are made to be used, to protect your flooring, to take spills and snags. Although old they are perfectly formed for modern living. They are strong and robust. They are essentially as strong as any flooring. Designed in desert and mountainous landscapes as flooring for nomadic homes. They are easy to wipe down, hoover or even give them a good bang outside to freshen them up.


Lets state the obvious here, buying an old rug that has been in existence for fifty years and not using up any of our planets precious resources is a good thing. The early vintage rugs used dyes from natural pigments, during the war years synthetic dyes were introduced but thankfully in the last ten years the natural dyes have been revived. To fade the colours the rugs are laid out in the blazing sun. There is no plastic or man made fibres. Just woven wool with a wealth of history trampled into it. How truly remarkable and unique to welcome such a piece into your home. In many instances this will end up being passed down the generations with your own family history trampled into these genuinely original rugs. Keeping beautiful treasures in circulation for generations to come, isn't that what we should be supporting... ?


As skilled crafts women across the Persian peninsula have woven rugs throughout the centuries you can be completely assured no one else will have a rug that is the same as yours. There are not many things we can afford to buy in our lifetime that are complete one offs. As we have become much more adapt at adding our personal touch to shop bought products, and more of us upcycle old gear; it is quite rare and rather special to be able to purchase an original. That just makes it all even more wonderful in our eyes.

Vintage Rug, Tribal Design, Artisan Rug, Craftspeople, Colourful Rug, Vintage Rug
Traditional Tribal Designs in a VIntage Kilim Rug

New Stock.

It is so hard to come across vintage rugs that rock That Rebel House and grab our attention with their quality, colour and unique pattern. We often sit there looking at the flying saucers or rows of Storm Troopers. There is always something exciting to discover in these awesome patterns. We do apologise for the limited stock and hope you understand we only choose rugs we would want in our own homes. So click here and enjoy xx

Have a brilliant day!


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