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Adding Vintage Pieces to your Home.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Welcome to our rebellious partner Rock the Heirloom

A major influence in any maximalists design is the curation of vintage antiques, family heirlooms and personal treasures.

You may have well seen some glorious pieces of vintage homewares and antiques appearing in our Vintage Finds section in recent months so we thought it time to introduce you to Amy and her business Rock the Heirloom.

The passion that connects us is a good old fashioned love of old pieces that find new leases of life in modern settings. Keeping treasures that reflect a past life and inspire us today.

Amy Eld, Antiques Dealer, Vintage Finds, Vintage Antiques, That Rebel House
Amy Eld, Founder of Rock the Heirloom

Meet Amy Eld, the owner of Rock the Heirloom. Antiques rock her world, and she is driven to promote vintage antiques and mix them up to create a relaxed, unorthodox and uniquely stylish look. Rock the Heirloom is a true reflection of Amy's fabulous style, carefully curated selection of beautiful, quirky and unique pieces that will make you smile.

Be brave, be bold and, above all, be you.

As Amy says, "As a self-confessed antiques disruptor, I want to show you how antiques can be modern, edgy and accessible. I want to make the process of adding lovely one-off antique items into your home an easy and enjoyable experience." She is skilled at mixing old and new items into interior schemes with a treasure trove of lighting, soft furnishings and antique furniture, both online and from her showroom in Surrey. Amy has antiques in her DNA and her antique dealer grandparents educated her in the art of uncovering intriguing pieces that have enjoyed a past life and are ready to be loved by someone else.

"That Rebel House and Rock The Heirloom’s collaboration is so exciting - I think we both have a love of spirited homes and their amazing colourful handmade lampshades, napkins and table cloths are a perfect fit with us! "

Amy Eld, Antiques Dealer, Vintage Finds, Vintage Antiques, That Rebel House
Curating vintage finds for a unique and stylish interior.

Here Sarah introduces some pieces we are delighted to offer at That Rebel House in collaboration with Rock the Heirloom.

Also known as a bhishtis - this stunning back and gold water carrier made from rivetted metal with a striking design. This piece will hold its own in a prominent place in the home to be viewed in all its glory.

These beautiful vintage demijohns have been used to store wine or fruit liqueurs over the centuries. How will you use yours? Demijohn originally refers to any glass vessel with a large body and small neck, enclosed in wickerwork.

The word comes from the french Dame-Jeanne, literally meaning "Lady Jane". The story goes that in 1347, the Queen Jane was expelled from her kingdom and went to take refuge in the Provence region of France. Walking through the towns of Grasse and Draguigan, she came across a gentleman glass blower. The queen asked to be shown the glassblowing. Nervous in the presence of royalty, the glassworker blew in the bit of his cane, and overdid the blowing and produced an enormous bottle, which was admired by all for its volume of about ten litres. It caused so much admiration that he decided to start manufacturing those big flasks and called them Reine Jeanne, but the Queen suggested modestly to give them the name of Dame Jeanne, instead. To protect this big bottle, the glass blower dressed it in wicker.

Demijohns, Vintage, Antiques, Vintage Finds, That Rebel House
Variety of Demijohns

Lights Camera Action, this fun row of four theatre seats in red leather would make the perfect entrance to a hallway, or a bedroom or even a large bathroom.

Antiques, Vintage Finds, That Rebel House, Theatre seats
Amy and her Theatre Seats

Meet Elanor and Abigail. They have sat and observed and can tell you some tales from Prince Alberts Great Exhibition. The pair have been stunningly reupholstered in a luscious deep blue velvet with a turmeric trim. The beautiful walnut wood enjoys an elegant yet simple Victorian carved feature.

Antiques, Vintage Finds, That Rebel House, Reupholstered, Upgrade Vintage, Victorian Chairs, Walnut furniture
Walnut Victorian Balloon Chairs

Please check out the Vintage Finds section on the website to discover more intriguing pieces and discover more about Amy and Rock the Heirloom here.

xxx Enjoy your day xxx


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